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Grants and Fees

Grant Funding

Montecito GSA has been proactive in applying for available State funding to support the required preparation of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP):
On March 13, 2020, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) released its final grant award list for the Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGM) Grant Program Planning Round 3 grant solicitation which awarded the Montecito Groundwater Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (“Agency”) its total requested amount of $2,169,407, of which the local match is 25%, or $542,202. The approved grant will help cover the Agency’s cost to prepare the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (“GSP”) as well as implementation of various projects that will help to inform the GSP preparation process. DWR is targeting May 2020 for execution of the grant agreement.


The SGM Grant Program, funded through the California's Department of Water Resources (DWR), provides funding for sustainable groundwater planning and implementation projects through a competitive grant solicitation process. Projects may include the development and implementation of GSPs. The grant solicitation included approximately $47 million available for competitive grants. Grant funding is only available for medium or high priority basins and is capped at $2M per application. The grant requires a 25% local match.

At its July and October 2019 meetings, the Board of Directors reviewed the potential grant projects and provided input on the proposed grant application. Agency staff and consultant (Dudek) incorporated Board input, completed the application and submitted the grant application to DWR on November 12, 2019.

The grant application included a total request of $2,169,407, of which the local match is 25%, or $542,202.

Projects included in the grant application include the following:

  • Grant Administration $110,000
  • GSP Development $533,530
  • Seawater Intrusion Monitoring $198,704
  • Basin Numerical Model $167,400
  • Well Metering Program $238,556
  • Surface Water Flow Gage $199,100
  • Monitoring Well Construction $722,317

DWR completed its review of grant applications and released its final grant award list on March 13, 2020. The Agency was awarded its total requested amount of $2,169,407.  DWR is targeting May 2020 for execution of the grant agreement.


Fees to Support the Long-term Sustainability of the Montecito Groundwater Basin

While Montecito GSA has secured state grants and funding, a local funding match is required as described above and there are additional costs.

We’re proposing a fee to help fund the development of the plan required to ensure the health of the Montecito Groundwater Basin. The proposed charges are the result of a detailed financial analysis and a GSA Fee Study Report prepared by Raftelis, an independent financial consulting firm, to determine the charge amounts. The proposed fee affects parcel owners overlying the basin. The impact of the proposed fee on parcel owners will vary based upon the size (total acreage) of the parcel(s).

The Board of Directors of the Montecito Groundwater Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency  will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.  to consider the adoption of a parcel fee based on acreage.

If California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order N-29-20 has not been rescinded or modified to allow for public gathering or in-person participation (due to COVID-19), remote participation information will be posted on the meeting agenda, at 583 San Ysidro Road, Montecito, CA 93108, here on the website ( and available by calling 805-324-4207.


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Proposed Fees and Notice of Public Hearing (Proposition 218 Mailing)

GSA Fee Study Report