Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Chapters

Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Chapter Development Process

Public participation and comments are welcome throughout the Groundwater Sustainability Plan Chapter development process. Each draft chapter of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan will be reviewed by the Montecito Groundwater Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (Montecito GSA) Technical and Stakeholder Advisory Committees, Staff, and Board of Directors through public meetings in compliance with the Brown Act. The review process for the Groundwater Sustainability Plan Chapters is described below:

• All draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan chapters/sections will be posted online. Anyone from the public can review the documents and submit comment by sending an email to the Montecito GSA's email:

• Once each Groundwater Sustainability Plan Chapter has been reviewed by the Montecito GSA's Committees and the Board of Directors they shall be integrated into one Groundwater Sustainability Plan Administrative Draft. The Groundwater Sustainability Plan Administrative Draft shall be available for the public to comment on for a review period of 90 days. The Public Review period is tentatively scheduled for Spring/Summer 2022.

• Comments from the public review period shall be compiled by the Montecito GSA and addressed by the Montecito GSA's staff and consultants to form a Final Groundwater Sustainability Plan document that shall be submitted to the California Department of Water Resources for their consideration and review.

Groundwater Sustainability Plan GSP by Chapters:

Chapter 1: IntroductionUnder ReviewChapter 1
Chapter 2: Plan Area and Basin SettingsUnder Review
Chapter 2
Chapter 3: Sustainability Management CriteriaUnder ReviewChapter 3
Chapter 4: Management Actions and Projects to Achieve SustainabilityUnder ReviewChapter 4
Chapter 5: Plan ImplementationUnder ReviewChapter 5
Appendices & Other MaterialUnder ReviewAppendices D-F
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How to Submit Comments:

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Anyone from the public can review the documents and submit comments.This form can be filled online or printed and returned via mail, email, or in person per the directions on the form.

Comments may also be submitted directly to Montecito GSA's email:

Compiled Comments:

Comments received are available here for public review: Download Compiled Comments (PDF)