Rebate Programs

For Groundwater Infiltration Projects

The Groundwater Sustainability Plan adopted in May, 2023, identifies stakeholder incentive programs as a sustainability project to raise community awareness about the importance of groundwater. The rebate program aims to encourage public involvement in the stewardship of the Montecito Groundwater Basin.

Rebate Amount: $3000 per property ($1 per square foot)

Rain Gardens

Designed to capture runoff and promote infiltration into the Basin.

Conversion to Permeable Surface

Removal of impervious surfaces such as buildings, driveways, and conversion to permeable surfaces such as permeable pavers, landscape, etc.

The Montecito Groundwater Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency’s mission is to ensure a reliable and sustainable groundwater supply for the community through effective basin management pursuant to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

  • Projects must be on properties overlying the Montecito Groundwater Basin
  • All rebates are subject to pre and post inspection and approval for eligibility
  • Rebates are cash reimbursements based on proof of qualified expenditures
  • The program is not retroactive from the start date of December 1, 2023
  • Rebate amount is not to exceed the total cost of the project or improvement
  • Rebates are subject to available funding for the program

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