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Department of Water Resources (DWR)

Current Status:

Montecito Groundwater Basin was re-categorized as medium-priority in 2019 and must comply with SGMA per the timeline below. For more information, go to

SGMA Process: Timeline Overview

  • 2009


    November - DWR issues basin prioritization for CASGEM Program

  • 2014


    September 3 - SGMA Bill package passed the California legislature and was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown

  • 2015


    January 1 - SGMA Legislation takes effect

  • 2017


    June 30 - GSA formation required for medium and high priority basins

  • 2018


    May 2018 - DWR's 2018 Draft Prioritization Issued: Montecito Groundwater Basin ranked as medium-priority. (Formerly very low-priority)

  • 2020


    GSPs must be adopted for critically over-drafted basins

  • 2022
    (2024 for MGWB)

    2022 (2024 for MGSA)

    GSPs must be adopted for medium and high priority basins

  • 2040


    All critically over-drafted basins must achieve sustainability

  • 2042


    All medium and high priority basins must achieve sustainability